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With over 40 attractions and buildings planned, the park requires a terrain of around 30 hectares. In order to allow for a further expansion of the park, we are assuming the need for a terrain of at least 50 hectares, which is equal to a surface area of 500,000 m2 or the equal of 70 football pitches (the FIFA regulation-size football pitch  is 105 m x 68 m = 7140 m2). The prerequisite for finding and determining the future terrain of the park is the already completed preliminary study as well as a detailed report on tourism and traffic in the possible localizations.The optimal terrain for the park would be located in a natural area with plenty of water.

Vorschau Imagemap  

2D park plan

The 2D park plan shows Genesis-Land as a Imagemap.
Vorschau Parkplan 3D

3D park plan

The 3D park plan shows a complete 360° - view. Use Mousenavigation!
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