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Executive directors:
Gian Luca Carigiet, CH-Aeugst  -  Initiator and coordination of preliminary study
Herald Janssen, FL-Triesen -  Financing and sponsors
Rolf Müller, CH-Sevelen - Construction management and location

Andy Ineichen, CH-Steinhausen  - Earth Pavilion, overview map, illustrations
Konrad Reichmuth, CH-Goldau  -  Earth Pavilion, overview map, illustrations
Bernhard Annen, CH-Goldau  - Model of the Earth Pavilion
Heinz Hartmann, A-Feldkirch  - Overview map, illustrations
Walter Schnetzer, A-Sulz -  Overview map, illustrations
Dr. Reinhard Steinbruch, D-Leipzig  - Architecture, Air and Fire Pavilions
Martin Missfelder, CH-Birmensdorf - Communication
Dr. Dieter Aebi, CH-Gossau - Lawyer
Roland Schwab, CH-Wetzikon - 3D-pictures of Noahs Ark
Erhard Sigrist, CH-Arth - Hompage programming
Norbert Pachler, Animations & more, A-Mäder - Animation of Pavilions
Anton & Christof Frommelt, Holzbaufirma Frommelt, FL-Schaan - Model of Noahs Ark on a scale 1:50
Marc, Martin & Daniel Villiger, Visual Productions, CH-Baden-Dättwil - Promotion Movie "Genesis-Land"

Genesis-Land AG
Molkereistrasse 1, CH-8645 Jona
Branch Office:
Aeulestrasse 45, FL-9490 Vaduz
Tel: +423 239 94 76
Fax:+423 239 94 95

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